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From the Seeds of Anarchy

The first years after the plague destroyed all plastic and petroleum, humanity focused on raw survival. Now, the remnant who succeeded have the chance to remake the world.

This book follows the characters you've come to love: DD, creator of the bacterium behind the destruction; Jessica, her prodigal daughter; Bilqis, the priestess of the New Islam in North Africa; Meala, the youthful warrior who spreads the new religion; Li, the Chinese bureaucrat swept into the global cataclysm; and other memorable figures.

 Witness with them the death of government as we know it, and the reinvention of technology as a decentralized and fundamental quantum cybernetic biological power uniting humanity in a new paradigm.

The deadly battles, epic journeys and voyages, unlikely love stories, and scientific meditations you expect from the Eupocalypse are brought to a thrilling (but never final!) conclusion here.

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