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The Man of Action

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It has been discovered that the way you see yourself determines where you will see yourself in life. The way you see yourself as a result of what you have being told or known about yourself forms your habits and your habits determines the way you live your life, which ultimately determines  your outcome. HABIT AFFECTS ALL YOU DO AND WILL BECOME IN LIFE. I have discovered that people decide their habit based on what they know or don't know and their habits decide their future. What this means to you is that, whatever you will or can become in life is principally determined by what you give 20% of your daily life doing, which eventually yield 80% result in your life, this is because daily routine determines destiny. Habits – are the building blocks of your future. One of my greatest inspirers and motivator Mike Murdock said "Men do not decide their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future".

Donald Riggs once said that "the successful person is the individual who forms the habit of doing what the falling person doesn't like to do". Also most psychologists agree that it takes between 21 days and 30 days to form a habit. After that the habit becomes part of your routine. But note that in forming the habit never suffer an exception to occur till the new habit is securely rooted in your life. I believe having no exceptions is the key to forming good habits and breaking bad ones. Many times we say we are going to change our habits and declare things like "am going to get better in my business and what I do and read a book every week and we really do mean well. But then for one day or one week {depending on the habit} we miss the discipline and everything seems to go downhill. It's not that the discipline is necessarily hard to do. It's just that it's easy not to do. John Dryden once said "we first make our habits and then our habits make us". Do you know that your habits are stronger than your desires because they continue to shape you on a daily basis? Our desires don't always materialize if there is no action. In fact our actions today or lack of them are forming our habits tomorrow. We can also lunch new habits when we set goals and remain serious about achieving them.

In this book you will discover 10 solid outstanding personal action habits that will transform your entire life, selling and relationship with people that will attract to you more trusted people, profits and a better living lifestyle. Habits determine the happening around your life.

What is HABIT?   By practical definition Habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tend to occur unconsciously. Habits: are learned pattern of behavior that is repeated so often that it becomes automatic. Habits: an acquired behavioral pattern regularly followed until it has becomes almost involuntary. Habit: A SETTLED WAY OF BEHAIOUR THAT WILL CREATE A FUTURE FOR YOU WHETHER OR NOT YOU DESIRE IT. As you know that the future is not ahead of you, the future is within you, you either make it happen or you watch it happen.

I believe this book will affect, infect and transform your business life and relationship with people that will give you a better result.

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