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Love Conquers

277 pages4 hours


When you reach the bottom love can lift you higher than you ever dreamed.

Patricia Franck and Ashley Thomas are both patients of Dr Sylvia Marchland. Patricia has a history of violence against men while Ashley tried to kill himself. Thanks to the vagaries of a bus timetable the two meet, at the Doctors office and a new romance blooms.

For Patricia and Ashley it is a journey of the most incredible discoveries but for every blessed life there will come a time of great horror.

Can our lovers overcome the obstacles that life throws at them and continue the dream? Or will fate deliver one blow too many?

Be aware that this book concerns transgender characters.


"Kept me riveted just could not put it down once I started to read, both of the main characters where very believable and you have written a novel which is very sensitive to both characters." - Simone Maiden (Amazon)

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