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Satan's Girlfriend

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Faith is at a low point in her life: student loans, a druggie boyfriend, and a dead-end job, not to mention an ailing mother...what to do? Why not call on the evil power of Satan to fix everything? His favors are expensive, but Faith is willing to pay far beyond the limits most other women can handle. Despite not wanting to get too involved with the Devil's dark machinations and lusts, she soon finds herself enjoying the torments of the damned. Satan's favorite plaything in centuries, she soon becomes accustomed to chains and rough sex that those who consort with demons experience. Can she get out of her deal with Satan with her soul intact, or will she ultimately be seduced by his benighted charm? And what is this about Satan's mysterious ex-wife? Intrigue and salacious, cruel sex abound in the first release from Duke Abraxas' Hellfire Erotica imprint!

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