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Attributes of an Effective Leader

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What does it take for one to be an effective leader? What attributes should an effective leader have in his or her leadership toolbox in order to be as effective as they can be every day, while helping and supporting others in their personal development and leadership journey? I've written this book hoping to help answer these questions by listing some, in my humble opinion, highly important attributes that an effective leader should learn, understand, and apply when managing and leading others.

Twenty-three attributes of an effective leader listed in this book by no means is an all-inclusive list of all attributes that an effective and successful leader should or may acquire throughout his or her leadership journey. However, knowing, understanding, and applying attributes covered in this book, I believe, is a good resource for all leaders and individuals interested in personal development and growth. I hope that you will find this book helpful in your own personal and professional development, as you navigate through new and exciting opportunities in always-changing business world.

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