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Origin Phase Cycle



Some promises must be broken

She's the last scribe on earth. Devoted to her work . . . and to the ancient promise that binds her to her future husband.

He's a charismatic stage actor. A robot bound by the strict rules that his craft demands . . . until he meets the scribe. Their desire ignites a fiery passion that burns through every promise, every obligation.

But when a theatergoer is murdered and a robot is accused of the crime, the hard-won rights of robots everywhere are suddenly on the line.

This isn't a play anymore. This is life.

Oasis is the third book in the Origin Phase Cycle. Book 1 is Origin Phase, and Book 2 is Robot Academy. All the books of the Origin Phase Cycle are complete 400+‑page novels, and the cycle can be read in any order.

Romance. Adventure. Passion. Mystery. Time Travel. Intrigue. All at the intersection of science fiction and fantasy. Your timeless journey starts now.

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