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Love and Parenting Workbook

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I got tired, really tired, of people professing their love for me but feeling terribly dissatisfied with the relationship(s) I had with my "loved ones". What expectation did I have that wasn't being met? I started to think about what love meant to me. I asked around, checked holy books, looked at research regarding the psychological aspects of love and found that there was little that spoke about specific components of love and how it is manifested. Although the information was sparse it did lead me to develop this list of attributes that I've discovered are the expectations of many who long to feel loved in their relationships.

First I should say, that I don't believe that love differs. I've heard people say that you love your children differently than you love your spouse and that you love your parents differently than you love your friends, but I believe relationships differ but love is consistent. If you love someone, the following attributes are what you should expect, regardless of the relationship. I deal with relationship to self and the parent/child dynamic.

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