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First Hand of the Night: A Collection of Five Early Stories

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What happens when Pandora finally catches evil ... in a suitcase? Can a zombie find love? Be there at the end of the universe when something new shines through the desolation. Take a journey through the odd and the fantastic in this collection of five stories delving from science fiction to slipstream, through urban fantasy and standard fantasy -- with a twist.

This collection of five short stories, two previously published in print and three new tales, samples a taste from several flavors of speculative fiction.

"A Price in Every Box" looks at what happens when Pandora finally finds what she released centuries ago, and locks him away in a suitcase. Can the world handle life without evil?

"Detuned Radio" is a dark tale that follows a day in the life of a man who has found himself among the living dead.

"The End of the Beginning" takes us along with the first time traveler to the very end of the universe. Getting stuck there isn't the only surprise he encounters.

"At Least There's No Traffic" barrels through the humorously surreal as we see what happens when a battle-lord Wil Wheaton must go to arms against a monstrous John Scalzi.

"The Sword Remembers" explores a common trope of sword-and-sorcery fantasy, seeing what happens when a modern man finds himself in a fantasy land -- but looks at it from a different perspective.

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