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The Billionaire's Convenient Wife

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No one ever forgets their first love.

The summer she turned eighteen, while visiting her grandparents in the Caribbean, Rebecca meets Michael and quickly falls in love with him. For three months, she believes Michael shares her feelings. At the end of the summer, she learns from Victor, Michael's father, that she was only a summer love, and there was another woman waiting for him back in New York.

Sixteen years later, Rebecca leaves a promising law career and her cheating fiance, and goes back to her grandparents' home to rebuild her life. That new life quickly crumbles when Rebecca learns that her grandparents' farm was actually owned by Victor Sparrow, and the only way she can keep it was to marry Michael.

You never forget your true love

There was only one reason Michael would agree to marry Rebecca, well two actually. His young daughters wanted a mother, and Michael feared he would never find love again after the death of his wife. He still cared deeply for Rebecca and she'd also lost her mother at a young age. Rebecca would make such a convenient wife and mother, not to mention the fact that passion was never a problem between them.

Completely jaded by life, Rebecca knows she cannot demand love from Michael, though she can demand everything else, including his trust, which is hard to do when they both have so many secrets and lies, some spanning generations which have kept them from real love. Can they overcome all the obstacles between them and get to the embers of a love which once burned strong and ignite a flame which will last forever?

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