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Hostage 100: Toilanders Omnibus

417 pages6 hours


Men in Black meets X-Men meets Dark Tower

The Department inflicted Dark Cloak with special powers. He can grow "Skins" of different abilities, such as Fire, Zombie, or Lightning. But instead of living high as a superhero, he's burdened with this curse. He felt the same as those The Department sent him out to catch. Nor can he let his family see him like this. So the only option he has is to run away. But as a fugitive, he runs face-first into another "hostage" situation. The mob can offer protection from the law. But it's even harder to escape them. Has Dark Cloak fell from the frying pan into the fire? Now there's this itching psychic connection with the Don's right-hand man. That would be fine if he didn't see visions of the guy working for the enemy. Then there's this angel, framed for murder, begging Dark Cloak to solve his case.

Dive head first into the initial installment of the Toilanders Omnibus!

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