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Singularity Deferred

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When Mitchel Creek, average mid-western I.T. guy, woke up, he expected to be home with his family -- not on a ship hurtling through space, centuries in the future. And certainly not with a dead body on board.

Mitchel's adventure to find out how he got in this mysterious, unsettling, and dangerous time and place -- and how to get back home -- brings him together with pirates and anarchists in a greater fight against an imperial government that seeks to control all the worlds humans have colonized since leaving Earth.

It also brings him face-to-face with a threat even greater than inter-planetary empire. Is he willing to risk this new world for a shot at getting home?

"Singularity Deferred" is a science fiction adventure that brings together elements of space opera and hard SF to create a dramatic story with mystery, action, political intrigue, romance, and a touch of humor.

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