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Rag Quilting For Beginners: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Mastering Rag Quilting Techniques In No Time!

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Dear reader, it delights us to know that, of all available guides and books you decided to pick this one. We are hopeful to meet your positive expectations by the time you come to the end of reading.
Choosing to read this guide implies your curiosity to acquaint yourself with rag quilting in more depth, and your interest in acquiring its skills shortly and smoothly. Therefore, we are to introduce to you this beautiful category of art in a way that would broaden your knowledge enough to elevate your confidence and motives towards getting yourself started and further improving your skills.

First, we would define rag quilting in a few lines. It is interesting to point out that this term is not literally elaborated. In other words, you do not stuff the quilt with rags yet you sew them in a way that exposes them externally. Furthermore, quilting in this case differs from how it is typically done, and it is known to be sewn up quicker than in regular quilts, making it a more preferred alternative.

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