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The Amish Buggy Horse



Book 5 in the #1 Best-selling The Amish Buggy Horse Series.
An Amish buggy horse by the name of "Blessing" is passed from one person to another, changing their lives in the process.

Book 5. Kindness.
Lydia is thirty years old, well past the usual Amish age for marrying. She is convinced that no man will want her as she is overweight. In her attempts to remain invisible, Lydia's only outing is the church meeting every other week.
What happens when the handsome Eli Schrock arrives in her community and makes an instant impression on all the girls of marriageable age? 
Lydia is also drawn to Eli Schrock, despite thinking that a man would never find her suitable. Will Lydia lower her barriers in time to allow Eli to see the true woman that she is, or will Eli's attention be drawn away to the more outgoing, confident girls in the community?

In this #1 Best-selling Amish Romance series, The Amish Buggy Horse:
1. Faith
2. Hope 
3. Charity 
4. Patience 
5. Kindness

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