Our Duty: A Novel about World War 2

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Our Duty: A Novel about World War 2

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Our Duty follows the shenanigans of Polly and Aggie, student nurses when World War II begins. Eager to be a part of the action, Aggie joins the Army Air Corps and qualifies as a flight nurse. She is shipped off to the Pacific, while Polly chooses to serve at home.

Overseas, Aggie soon faces many difficulties common to this under-recognized group of brave women, including their initial lack of respect by the military brass. Aggie finally earns the respect of all around her when she keeps 30 wounded men safe when their plane ditches in the Pacific. Her letters home detail the challenges for her fellow nurses as well as the accounts of the personal lives of the airmen she came to know, many facing unimaginable dangers in the skies over Europe.

Also serving as a nurse back in the States, Polly does her part to keep Aggie entertained. Her letters boost the morale of any who are privy to them, describing romantic adventures and changes on the homefront.

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