Wind Turbines Free Power

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Wind Turbines Free Power

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Georgette is in a school lab with a Nobel prize winner. She has her own experiments, which should have given more accuracy, but does not keep the accuracy she had. Off to the school lab that built it. William says it was not his coiling unit. He suggests she look at the real math. In her shower she is cleaning when the idea hits her. She writes all over the shower wall. She invites William over to join her in the shower. He comes expecting something else.
They spend time in the shower, then writing on posters that go on the walls, then ceiling to hold them all. They spend time looking at the posters from the floor and bed. They have an idea what it all might mean.
Their eating and the discussion about the shower, walls ceiling and bed could be a local truck stop.
They try their new ideas out and burn out every electrical wire in all the buildings around them on campus. They change the experiment and seem to control the power flow.
A double nuclear power plant cannot explain why the company that buys all their power at night, no longer needs them. The plant opens a full day shift and tells the power people they maybe selling them power. The wind vanes are suppling ever watt of power they need. “Thanks for telling us about them.”
The trucks stop is placing bets on all Georgette and William’s parts of conversations they have over hear in the truck stop. Is she in ‘trouble?’
“Daddy will send Uncle Jim to help us in the shower and bedroom.”
What will Bill’s folks say when he brings George home to meet the folks?
Is there free electric power in all this?

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