John 3:16

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John 3:16

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Uncertainty may be your unscalable wall to inner peace, joy, happiness, and true freedom that only originate from believing in, accepting, and receiving Jesus Christ. Do you want to get rid of uncertainty in your life? Do you want to sincerely face the truth at a personal level? Are you really open to receive it? If yes, then keep on reading. If no, keep on reading this book anyhow! It describes the plain yet powerful way out of the vicious cycle of uncertainty.
Let this be affirmed to you again: it is truly possible to break out of this vicious cycle you may currently be in, regardless of the circumstances that come into your mind, such as depression, pain, unhappiness, a broken heart, spiritual fatigue, and dead end, despair, and weakness in general. You are able to overcome if you are sincerely open to potentially changing your current life’s perspective.
It is possible to be rescued from the valley of uncertainty and swept up to the mountain of true affirmation and assurance of salvation in Jesus Christ.
May the words of this book help you to find inner peace and to accept and receive the truth by faith. Always remember that you are unconditionally loved by God. May your faith in something be replaced by faith in someone. Assurance of salvation is by no means a myth, but the very reality in Jesus Christ. To him be all the glory and honor, forever. Amen.

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