Nine Valiant Literary Deeds

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Nine Valiant Literary Deeds

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Length: 353 pages6 hours


− Will Peter make it to overcome his drug adventure and live a normal life with the help of his girlfriend?

− Will Paul and Lea manage to subvert dangerous Robert Fenegor's dark plans in Los Angeles in the year 2144?

− Will Gabriel and Michaela's relationship be able to exit the blind alley it is going down?

− What will the fate of the modern «Barry Lyndon» be? A short story influenced by the classic cinema film made by one of the greatest film directors and philosophers of the 20th century, Stanley Kubrick.

− How will a young teenager, Joseph, deal with the inadequate health system of his home country when he faces a serious health issue which will lead him to despair?

− Will Edward, who falls in love with all his heart with a woman he meets on the internet, find a cure for his horrible nightmares?

− Will the two friends, Takis and Kostas, find the answers they seek at the meetings of the unofficial philosophical club they have decided to form, where they deal with questions about life, death, love and much more?

− What are the surreal incidents happening in the lives and at the workplace of Mr Ashfire, Mr Badger and Mr Dead, three mythical creatures of the forest?

− Will fate reunite a couple that had split many years ago and gone separate ways, although neither of them never truly got over their relationship?


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