Atlanta Rain: Into the inferno

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Atlanta Rain: Into the inferno

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 159 pages2 hours


When four young teenagers take a Ouija board out to the supposedly haunted hanging post at Inkpen, they open up a doorway that has been hidden away from human eyes for hundreds of years. A ghost from the past has been resurrected along with a disease that threatens the entire county.
Following the death of her parents, Atlanta is becoming more powerful but a chance encounter leaves her starting to question her abilities and she makes a vow never to use them again.
As the disease begins to take hold, Atlanta is drawn into a battle that she is reluctant to become involved in, but without her help mankind may face a threat that many believed to be extinct.
The creature that she must now face is the most powerful enemy that she had encountered to date and may very well hold the key to opening up the gates of hell itself.

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