Long, Lusty Tales

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Long, Lusty Tales

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Length: 992 pages16 hours


A collection of four of Nikki's longest tales all bundled together for exceptional value!

1. Seducing Coach - After taking on coaching the girl's volleyball team, can Greg resist the advances of the team's lycra-clad captain?
2. Cosplay Bingo - A raunchy twist on a game played at a Cosplay convention sees four friends having the time of their life.
3. The Wrong Twin - Did Jed start dating the wrong twin? Is it really true that his conservative girlfriend's sister gets up to everything he could desire? Will he ever know the truth?
4. Interstellar Sex Dreams - Mike is a med-tech aboard an interstellar colonisation vessel and finds a way to fulfil his fantasies while hurtling through the cosmos.

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