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Joe Vincent loves his wife. Having to potentially kill her for adultery shouldn't get in the way of that. His sales job is interesting; a bit more interesting when he may have bludgeoned his top client. The relationship with his aging mother is give and take. Unfortunately, someone may have taken her life. Although the authorities consider him a "person of interest", that means little at this point.
Allison Vincent has her own minor problems. The relentless sexual advances from her boss and a close family friend needs immediate resolve. A brother and mother in-law who seriously need to look up the word “respect” and a husband who recently seems to think the marital vow of “Till death do us part”, is now a mission statement. Her only recourse may be to just kill them all.
Aside from these trivial situations, Joe and Allison Vincent are no different than most couples. Most couples who are in a Downfall. A defining moment is not always climatic, nor is a breakdown an appointment-based concept. Yet, faced with sudden extreme situations that shatter the norm, instinct favors the survival of the fittest.
Downfall delivers one devastating thriller viewed through the eyes of Joe and Allison Vincent, two individuals with vastly different vantage points that will keep you guessing until the end.

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