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Just Do It!: A 10 Day Mental Detox

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Just Do It: A 10 Day Mental Detox 

In JUST DO IT! A 10 Day Mental Detox, author Tiffany D. Johnson shares her essential strategies to remain mentally sharp. Tiffany overcame many obstacles in her life by practicing mental detoxes on a regular basis. She became a single parent as a young adult, where she experienced homelessness and abandonment. Instead of allowing a trying time to define her future, she began to exercise: mentally, physically, and spiritually. In her first book, A Mother’s Bodybuilding Competition Guide, she shares her physical journey to reach optimal physical health, by getting into the best shape of her life. JUST DO IT! A 10 Day Mental Detox is an extension of her book, as she writes on how to overcome the spiritual and mental setbacks that you will encounter on your journey towards overall health.

This workbook will encourage you to adopt a mindset for permanent change. Whether you are looking to lose weight, start a new career, go back to school, or strengthen a relationship, your mental health will determine your success rate.This workbook will allow you to prepare yourself mentally to tackle any challenge in your life. Instead of offering a gimmick which leads to temporary results, I am offering the knowledge needed to change your life.This workbook covers topics pertaining to:    


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And More!

You will finally achieve some of your greatest goals!  It will not be an easy process, but with the support of the STEELESTRONG community you will persevere.

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