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Midnight Blue: First in the Mdinight Blue Trilogy

296 pages4 hours


Amanda Kline had it all. A PhD from MIT, and a high paying job with one of the top communications companies in Metro DC. She was climbing the corporate ladder fast. Career building was her priority, so she quickly shrugged off the hurt when her old friend, Sam, walked out of her life without so much as a goodbye. Then, out of the blue, he walks back in and turns her world upside down. Now, both are running for their lives and won’t be able to stop until they find someone to help them prevent what was fast becoming a living nightmare.

In a little backwoods country town; they found that help. Old Doc Winters. Amanda took a leap of faith and told him what they thought was about to unfold. The leap paid off. Old Doc knew just the right person to help them. His nephew, CIA Deputy Director, Peter Winters. What will it take to convince Peter Winters they were telling the truth?

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