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Dragon's Unchained

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Historically, dragon shifters have always been some of the most powerful people in society. They're business men, politicians, inventors, scientists. People with clout and intelligence and status, and the money to get whatever they want out of life. And then there's Artemis, a powerful shifter in his own right who has settled down in a small town and owns a diner.

He likes his easy, quiet life. Likes his routines and his well worn habits. He has his regulars at the diner and newcomers who like to gawk at him (you can't hide shifter blood, you just can't), and it suits him better than a well tailored suit and a desk ever would. He's not expecting anything to change, but when a young woman who's bruised and terrified shows up outside of his diner without a dime to her name and clearly running from something, the protective instinct and need to keep that he never thought he had rears his head, and leads him to want to keep her safe from all the things she's running from. Even if it means turning his quiet life upside down completely.

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