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Kings of Rebellion MC



It might surprise you to find out that Scrappy is a private kind of guy.
He may like to let all the guys know who he's had in his bed, but there's one girl he's kept secret from everyone.
Erica is the one that got away.
Scrappy let his guard down for the first time and let himself fall. He was going to take the next step and introduce Erica into the club, but then she vanished. Taking his heart with her. It's been broken ever since and Scrappy doubts it will ever be fixed. He will never trust a woman again and Scrappy is absolutely fine in having a woman warm his bed and not his heart.
However, that's easy to say when she's not around but how will he react when Erica returns to town and her secret is exposed.

Erica has a big heart and she loves the idea of love.
She met Scrappy and fell hard. It hit her hard and she wasn't ready for a life within an MC. Especially when she discovered that having such a passionate life comes with consequences. A certain consequence that she thinks doesn't suit Scrappy or his lifestyle. So she did the only thing she thought was right and ran.
When the surprising death of her dad brings her back to her home town, she has to face her past and with that comes a responsibility of betrayal and exposure.
Scrappy wants answers that Erica doesn't think she can give him but when the secrets of her dads death becomes clear, she has no choice but to let Scrappy take over and protect the one thing they now share.

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