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Essential Oil Recipes for Anxiety, Sleep, Depression, Energy and Combating Stress: 120 Essential Oil Blends and Recipes for Better Sleep, Uplifting, Energizing, Combat Stress, Depression and Anxiety: Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Beginners Guide 2020, #1

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Are you new to the world of essential oils and seeking answers to your myriad questions?  

Questions such as the best essential oils to use; the best essential oil diffusers to get; essential oil recipes to start with; then seek no further. 

This is a comprehensive aromatherapy and essential oils guide for beginners  

This book "Essential Oil Recipes for Anxiety, Sleep, Depression, Energy and Combating Stress", which is the the first book in  the "Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Beginners Guide" series, aims to enlighten you on:  

What essential oil is all about,  What essential oils are made of,  Why they do what they do, The benefits of using essential oils, Basic recipes you can begin with to start your journey in the world of aromatherapy,  Exciting essential oil blends and  The many different uses to which essential oils can be put.   

This book contains:   

• Over 120 Essential Oil Blends and Recipes:   

• For anxiety to soothe and calm the nerves;  

• For a deeper, rejuvenating, invigorating and refreshing sleep, and fight against sleep disorders and sleep deprivation;  

• For combating mood swings and the early  stages of depression;  

• For defusing stress and blends that leave you energized, more productive and better able to perform your daily activities.

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