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Illogically Logical: The Ills of Society and the Best Treatment

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World, our country, its citizens and people in power; divided we stand, unable to solve the social problems that plague us. Politically and socially, we are stuck on a Rodent wheel (guinea pig), going round and round with no end in sight. We and politicians list the problems, blame the other party,compound the problems by kicking it to the next election cycle and then to the future generations. Treating a patient for an illness a doctor, often hurts them first ( like an operation) to fix them.

This book is a summary of information gathered by the author over the past 50 years with history looked and evaluated as a neutral third party. Few pages in the beginning of each chapter will explain,who,why and what caused heath care crisis or foreign policy crisis like Iran and Syria. He offers solutions, applying his perspective as a Doctor and a Surgeon with a single objective of common good and survival of future generations. It deals with varied important issues like health care reform,education,foreign policy etc.

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