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Belle is competing in an underground BDSM competition, attended by the very dominant Goddess Div. Belle equated herself well in the exhibition and Goddess Div wants to have her as a pet.

Belle is approached by two of Goddess Div's minions and is invited to meet the Goddess personally at her mansion. Belle readily agrees. In her mind this is a chance of a lifetime to have caught the attention of such a famous Dominatrix.

Goddess Div accepts Belle as her newest submissive and explains in order for her to be completely accepted she must endure numerous, grueling feats of endurances. Belle is anxious for the trial to begin.

Belle's next few weeks involve intensive examination, testing the limits of her body. She is literally poke, prodded, used and abused, much to Belle's delight. But she carelessly offends the Goddess and must submit to the severest punishment, meted out by the Goddess herself.

Will Belle endure the overwhelming brutal punishment?

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