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New Fair Lady

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Supermarket delivery driver Elise discovers that writer Chloe Redding is on her friend Marc's delivery schedule. She's read all her books and is a big fan, so she bribes Marc with a Hershey bar and takes Chloe's groceries to her beautiful house to meet her. But the author is now a drunk divorcee, has panic attacks and hasn't written anything of value for years. Elise observes her, puts her shopping away, then makes her some coffee to sober her up.

Next week Chloe's food order hits the system again, so another Hershey bar later, Elise is back with a second delivery... and this time cooks for the author.

As well as beautiful, Elise is smart, outspoken and tells Chloe exactly what she thinks of her and the writer is outraged at this delivery girl's rudeness... but then again she's also quietly impressed with her honest and caring attention... and surely that's not attraction she's starting to feel, is it?

At first, Elise is just being human and wants to help her hero, who's at a low ebb, to get back on her feet. But Chloe invites her to be her guest at a talk she has to give to an audience at the university - to 'hold her hand' in case her anxiety gets on top of her - and a comforting hug during a panic attack in an empty office turns into rather more.

It's a story of a romance between two women from very different walks of life that is torn apart by an author's instinct to use Elise's background and character in her writing. It works for her as a novelist and her new book is successful, but her life unravels when she loses Elise, who's understandably very upset at her lover's cynical betrayal.

But it's not the end of the story and Chloe fights to win her back... with dramatic consequences.

There is passion, courage and many turns in this contemporary love story... expect some adult content.

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