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The Pixie and the Dragon King

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Pixies are known for their mischief, and Accolade is no exception. Except that this time it appears that during her last visit things went too far.
After the busyness of the holidays, Accolade needed a break, so she kissed her mate and went off in search for some adventure. However, the adventure turns very serious when she is captured and thrown into the dungeon of the dragon king of the planet Ix. The charge? War crimes. Desperate and longing for home, she fears that this time her visit may be her last adventure.
When Accolade does not return, Nicholas goes crazy with worry. With her fate unknown to him, he is offered assistance from an unexpected visitor. Although Nicholas does not believe that she is guilty, he is helpless to offer anything except to support her during the trial.
Accolade is not one to rely on others to fix her problems. At the trial for her life, she does what pixies do best: make mischief. But this time causing trouble may just be the solution to everyone's problems, including saving her own life.

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