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Jimmie Wright is up for the job of foreman on the loading docks. The thing that stands between him and his promotion is this whiny preppy mulatto named Gorham. Jimmie has a plan to get Gorham right in the head by making him his bitch, forcing him to use his tongue to suck his dick and to lick his boots clean.

The thing is though you want to see how bad I want this job. How far I’m willing to go for it?” I sprawled out in the chair. “I don’t give two shits about the job as I do the pay.
Even with that said, I won’t sit here and beg for your amusement. I won’t stroke your ego because you suffer from a severe case of Little Dick Syndrome.”

“Mr. Wright!” Gorham hissed, his face turning red.

I stood up, never taking my eyes away from his, and added, “Mr. Wright, what, fuck?”

“Mr. Wright!” Gorham jumped up like he knew how to get squirrelly. “I can have your ass out of here by the count of ten if you don’t watch your tone!”

“Bitch-ass punk, I can have your ass right now.”

Gorham froze. I saw a twitch of fear in him, in his eyes, in his face, throughout his body.

“Mr. Wright,” he mustered, still trembling at the erotic thought.

“That’s Mr. Wright, sir. Learn some fucking manners!”

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