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Riding the Wave

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Don gave up his lofty middle class lifestyle to park a trailer home on the Oregon coast to pen the Great American novel. Cole is a surfer catching a few waves in front of Don’s abode. When the two lock eyes there are more than screw waves twisting about on that beach that day.

We sat there and drank our beers in silence, feeling the camper fill with thick sexual tension. Though getting shot down wasn’t part of my vocabulary, it didn’t mean it couldn’t happen. My ego was still in check because I did have a chance to score once I joined the ranks of society again.

“Thanks for the beer, man,” Cole said, tossing his beer into the trash and walking out the door.

It couldn’t have been a good minute before I heard a knock at my door. Slightly bummed by my rejection, I answered the door with a chip on my shoulder, wondering what the fuck he had to say now.

I opened the door, and there was Cole standing on my step in his hairy birthday suit with a stout hard-on curving back to the ocean.

“I was just fucking with you, too.” Cole licked his chops as I allowed him to climb back into the camper.

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