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Epochal Discoveries

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The contents of the book include:
1. Information and proofs permitting to decrease the level of depression of people (with a critical condition of health) because (after reading the book) readers can have the very reliable hope that death is not the end of the mind;
2. Description of several epochal discoveries which solved long-standing questions of centuries. One cannot say that they are theories because the author does not use a postulate, but he invented brand-new methodologies of science permitting to discover essence (meaning, sense) of time for all processes of material world (within the universe). The author discovered the definition of time without using a mathematical transformation (and a postulate). The absence of mathematical transformations (in this book) permits much easier to understand all contents;
3. Brand-new methodology of science permitting:
- to compare energies of electric fields with energies of gravitational fields;
- to declare that matter of newborn black hole is in the lowest energetic state;
4. Information and proofs demonstrating the existences of some gaps between the reality and our scientific understandings of reality.
5. Unknown and very surprising conclusions relating to mankind.

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