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Novel Writing Blueprint-Think Write Create

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Did you know that writing a book ranks in the top three things on bucket lists?

Maybe it’s on yours too or maybe you’ve always thought about writing a novel or have a story that needs to be told.

Writing a book is harder than you think...getting published even tougher, so I’ve put together what I call, Novel Writing Blueprint.

It will show you how to develop good writing habits from day one, how to get the book started and finished, but most of all, share with you insider secrets about what makes for a great story, great characters, and a plot that will have an editor or agent thinking you’ve been writing for years.
While it isn’t a short cut or a crank the book out in 30 days sort of approach, it’s an easy to follow blueprint on the whole novel writing process. Something I wished I had when I set out on my own writing journey.

This blueprint is going to show you-
How to plot
How to create characters readers will love
How to choose the right person to tell the story
How to write dialogue so that your readers will think they’re eavesdropping on a real conversation.
How to show and not tell
How to make sure your character has a goal and there’s enough conflict throughout your story
Ways to up the emotional impact
And lots more...

If you feel now is the time to start writing a novel, why not pick up a copy of the Novel Writing Blueprint today and be on your way to writing a story that who knows, could be the next bestseller.

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