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The Lost, the Found, and the Grail Within; a parable of length

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The Lost, the Found, and the Grail Within is a mixture of fiction in Part 1, nonfiction in Parts 2 and 3, and undiluted Christian Philosophy in Parts 4 and 5.
The word undiluted might have gotten your attention. I hope so. I’ll explain about my choice of that word in a little while.
While Jesus’ parables were always short and direct, they carried a moderately veiled meaning, well-hidden for those who were the subject, and for those who didn’t care to hear truth. Or, maybe they refused to understand the parable, or at least claimed not to. If they admitted that they understood it, they might also have had to admit that they were deficient according to their own standards. ...if not to others, then admit it to themselves, at least.
My parable is in five chapters, averaging about nine small parts each for the last four of those. So, it isn’t all that short. The meaning isn’t really all that hidden, either. The moral is even included. That being the case, I suppose you could call my parable a failure. Technically, I suppose it is. I can’t and won’t argue that point.
But, here’s a thought.
Does considering my parable a technical failure actually have anything to do with my parable, my writing, or me?

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