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Gray Walkers

29 pages19 minutes


Imagine the zombie apocalypse. 
Now forget everything you know and read this story. 
The zombies come not dead, but the the elderly. Enter the Geriatric Apocalypse. 

Billy is a normal 17 year old who is stuck helping his widower father care for his Alzheimer's disease stricken grandmother. One day she becomes violent because they have stolen her memories. Soon everyone in the neighborhood is turning into a geriatric patient who is in search of their memories and willing to kill anyone in their way. 
After his family succumbs to the geriatric apocalypse, Billy must race across town to reach his girlfriend to save her. 
Will he survive? 
Will he remain young? 
Will the world turn into a gigantic old folk's home or will they find the answer to this plague? 

You'll never look at grandma the same again.

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