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Amerith - The Warden's Tale: Dragons Run My Life

97 pages1 hour


The girl Amerith, a plant gatherer for a Potions Master, is thrown out as too old, by which the Master means too big to fetch all the plants he needs. Surviving trials and tribulations, she grows up to be a skilled thief until she finds herself on the business end of the block.
Two full purses later, the "young dead girl" rises to become a world-class assassin, named for her profession, Dunver, until she takes the role of Warden Mistress to the Princesses of Lindebalgh. Her mentor and her debt will return to wreak havoc on more than the Warden's life.
Amerith is a short side trip that adds to the experience of Toile and its characters. It is best read between Book One, The Faux Princess, and Book Two, The True Princess.

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