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Keira Blackwater Series



After learning that her blood played a part in the deaths of several supernaturals, Keira Blackwater wants nothing more than to put her life back together and get back to what she loves most: fixing and restoring classic cars. 

But we don't always get what we want.

When Keira finds out that a friend is in trouble, she dives into the supernatural underbelly of a local club to rescue him. Things don't quite go as planned, and she is forced to turn to the Vampire Council - who sentenced her to death - for help. Only they possess the Aqua Vitae, or Water of Life, needed to save him, but Keira knows they never do anything for free. 

Amid terrifying nightmares, an amulet that's trying to warn her, and the growing threat from the local werewolf pack who still want to avenge the deaths of their Alphas, Keira must once again find the strength to save her friends and herself.

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