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Black and White Truth: The Syndicate-Born Trilogy, #2

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Black and White Truth: The Syndicate-Born Trilogy, #2

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars3/5 (1 rating)
Length: 328 pages4 hours


In a world of varying shades of gray, the truth is always in black and white.

"Absolutely one of the best I have read in quite a while." ~ Stephen Steiner

Seventeen years after The Syndicate trial, Jason Knettle sets out to write the shocking true crime novel on the group that ruined so many lives. With the help of a new source, he uncovers a frightening truth—The Syndicate is back... and more dangerous than ever with a new leader at the helm. The group will stop at nothing to prevent Jason from letting the world know the truth.

As the dead bodies of people connected to the trial start to pop up, Jason is called upon to do battle with his own person demons and be the hero. Can he save the day, or will The Syndicate succeed in burying the truth once and for all?

"K.M. Hodge got me hooked with Red on the Run. I LOVED the characters in the first book and was kind of mad at the ending (it's good, I just get attached to fictional people) so I was excited to read this book and see what happened with everyone. Black and White Truth is even better than the first book!" ~ Kristy Young

EVOLVED PUBLISHNG PRESENTS the second book in the award-winning "The Syndicate-Born Trilogy," an exploration of what happens when one well-placed group possesses too much power, and how it affects those who just get in its way. [DRM-Free]

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