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Confliction: Dark Universe, #7

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Confliction: Dark Universe, #7

Length: 261 pages3 hours


Confliction is book seven in the Dark Universe setting by Jason Halstead

The squid-like Kesari have a new weapon that will win the interstellar war and plunge the universe back into darkness. The prototype is on Kondara IV, a swampy planet in an out of the way solar system that has been torn apart by the terrors of war.

Dominic Packard had a lifetime of service and nothing but his team of semi-loyal mercs to show for it. A tip from a Kondoran led to an opportunity the aging mercenary couldn't resist. A payday beyond his wildest dreams. All he needed was a plan, a fast ship, and a buyer. He had one of those. It was a start.

Instead of a fast ship he found the a near-derelict with a rogue of a captain that had his own hidden agenda. Mutual survival put the two men on a crash course that led them through one problem into another. Surviving his own team and the forces sent after him will require more than luck, Dominic will need to decide what really matters to him. And if that's not enough, he can always unleash their own weapon against them, no matter the consequences.

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