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The Secret of David Lanes (Trilogy of the Secret: Vol.1)

197 pages2 hours


Chicago, Illinois.

A savage kidnapping, a bloody project will put in serious danger their lives. David’s discovery is incredible... and lethal too. Which secret does he hide? Why he’s been kidnapped?
It will be terrible for André Grane as he is his best friend ever since he could remember... He’ll do whatever he could to save him... but it won’t be easy. He’ll have to deal with ruthless killers and with a sensual and really dangerous woman: Marie Douglas. Passion for her (with her long black hair and brown eyes) blind him, but Marie... does she tell the truth? She’s by his side or she’s bluffing? Moreover, she’s an accessory of kidnappers... of that bloody plan... but her eyes can’t deceive him.
Terror began. Killers will wipe out? Their horrific project started.
André will be brought in Paris, he’ll follow literally their instructions and he’ll be ready to lie... he must indulge them... or “the gang” will kill David.
He’s in danger himself too now? It’s sure he won’t back down... His friendship the tie him to David is too strong, he can’t leave him alone. He’s crushed... thousands of questions: is David still alive?

Special detective Allison Clark won’t save her energy too and she’ll do all she can to find him again and protect his secret. But the torn corpse of that woman, it’s too much also for her. Is it a link with David?
And above all: who they really have to defend theirselves by? By kidnappers? Maybe not... somebody is spying them... Now they are all in danger...

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