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Going Into Orbit

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Fr.Axel examines here subjective experience in Highest Clarity Meditation. To allow for personal somatic mutation within a religious framework. He utilizes Depth and Smell within the MindScape (Fluxus) of the adept, to unfold his Astral Alchymical Transformation from the Sentient Manifold. The author puts the 5 Elements Synaesthesia/Qualia into the foreground, which serve as the Taoist Matrix Body: Connecting Heaven and Earth via Interstitial Space (Fluxus).
Alchymical Transformation happens within the NTM's Manifold as a natural process of Spiritual Evolution. It is destined to happen anyway - when the right conditions apply. It is the birthright of the NTM to go to Heaven. He is already a Star Child, physically composed of Cosmic Dust blown into the Solar System from Galaxies lightyears away. Manufactured from elements cooked out in the fierce Celestial Fires of Super Novae. He danced already amongst the Super Clusters at the edge of the Universe: This Spiral Dance is imprinted into his Soul. The Gods and Spirits in Highest Clarity only provide the OuterSpace Environment (the Sidereal Manifold which we will discuss en detail below), in which the natural Evolution of the adept can happen. Because the Soul only flies into freedom, if the NTM's Environment (Manifold) changes. That is what Highest Clarity does for us Taoists.
The congruent Belief in Taoist Deities is the cognitive prerequisite for Alchymical Transformation of the NTM. Within the Belief system of a lived religion. The reason why Alchemy does not work for the globally traveling Dream Tripper, is his intrinsic cynicism and rationality. He does not believe in the somatic presence of the Gods: But he does want to become one. By mindlessly turning his Waterwheel inside a creaking mill called 'Complete Perfection'.
Thereby conveniently forgetting, that there is no such thing as 'Alchymical Progress' in our Taoist heritage. Personal mutation happens, because the Spaces within the adept already contain the desired informations for Personal Transformation. The Manifolds required just have to become un - wrapped: To release their hidden surprises. They are 'Instant Live Sea Monkeys', hatching from pure crystals by mail order. Like Easter Chocolate Eggs, they have to become defoliated from their silvery layers of Tinmanifoils. Thus the ideal of linear progression is here administered to a Western decadent (and tired) concept of a Taoist Apotheosis.
Religious consensual reality is (in the end) always individual subjective experience. The meaning of the world is always personal. And it boils down to meaningful Construction within a Non - Trivial Machine. Thus 'reality' is a Construct. Highest Clarity Meditation is a Construct in a specific Han - Chinese Mindframe spanning centuries. And it can be re - construed by modern meditators. And it will yield the same epiphanies as in 4th century Southern China: For those Who Want To Walk With The Gods. Today.

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