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How to Write About Africa: Practical Analysis on Key Aspects

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How to Write about Africa: Practical Analysis on Key Aspects is a book that prepares you for the task of writing about Africa and African subjects-matters. Writing about Africa is not a difficult task, it is, however, usually thought of as simple, too simple, since Africa as a whole has been treated as a giant monolith. This oversimplification of African issues has misled many into churning out articles that misrepresent Africa, insults Africa and, ultimately, misinforms their audience. Drawing from a plethora of columns, scholarly and journalistic texts, events and instances, Joel Okafor sets out to accomplish two things with this book. One, this book debunks so many of the long-held notions on Africa as related to sources and statistics; two, it mentions specific African issues and discusses how to and how not to write them.

While this book is primarily targeted at people who desire to write about Africa but reside outside Africa, it is, equally, a useful piece for people who just want to read about Africa and for Africans who aspire to write a piece relating to the whole continent. Wherever you are and for whatever purpose you read this book, you are assured of a book that will give you fresh insights and endow your writing with a richer, stronger edge. 

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