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Sometimes life changers come on four legs . . .

A remote Scottish island is no place for a city girl like Tallie Scofield. Heather makes her sneeze, haggis makes her gag, and bagpipes make her cringe. It's not the dream vacation she pictured when she agreed to help her sister get settled into her new teaching job on Doon Island. True, the scenery is spectacular, but the place is run like a feudal kingdom by its hereditary laird, Rob McMullen.

The guy is devastatingly handsome and can rock a kilt like Braveheart, but he's got a buttoned-down mind and is way too picky about rules--like not setting cottages on fire. (It was an accident, Tallie swears.) McMullen has never seen anyone as badly-suited to Doon as Tallie, whose freewheeling American ways are disrupting "his" island—and who has a sneaky way of revving up his heart rate. Luckily, she'll only be around a week before she flies back to New York and things return to normal.

With Tallie, though, normal is never in the cards. When she falls in love with a starving border collie bound for the pound, she impulsively decides to adopt the dog. Which means staying on Doon--and having more clashes with McMullen. Tensions simmer beneath the surface until an emergency forces Rob and Tallie to work together. Hungry, dirty, and exhausted, the two sparring partners discover something weird: they kinda like each other. In fact, they may just be falling in love.

Cue the ominous music . . . Rob's longtime girlfriend is not about to stand by while an interloper brazenly steals her guy's heart. Whatever dirty tricks it takes, she's going to get Tallie off the island and out of Rob's life.

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