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The God of the Old Testament Is not the Father of Jesus

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There is only ONE TRUE GOD—no other. Unfortunately, that one true God is not the “Yahweh of the Jews” but the “Father of Jesus.”

The “Yahweh of the Jews as revealed by Moses to the Israelites” and the “God that Jesus revealed to the world and whom Jesus called his Father” are not one and the same as the whole Christian world had maliciously taken them to be.


The Father of Jesus is the one true God who revealed himself through his Son Jesus. Because of his perfect likeness and oneness with Jesus, God practically sent himself into the world through his Son Jesus. Nobody knows our Father in heaven except his Son Jesus.

The truth is: If not for the coming of his Son Jesus, we would never have known about the “One True God” and the “One God sent” to save the world—Jesus Christ.

Behold in this book the “40 BIBLICAL PROOFS” that the Yahweh of the Jews is not the Father of Jesus.


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