The Perversion Of Heaven: El Latido, #1

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The Perversion Of Heaven: El Latido, #1

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Length: 348 pages5 hours


Baronte is a demon that has perverted man for centuries. Adabel is an angel of love, empathy and piety. Nami is a Chinese girl, orphan and worker, who only has one Yucki, her Grandmother. Dassiel is the guardian angel of Nami and trusted brother of Adabel, who has not discover how much he is in love with his protege until it is too late. This character will cross their lives because of an impossible miracle: The heartbeat, the tremelus jump in the chest of the demon at stumble to Adabel in his fight for an innocent soul, being imprisoned by discovering his essence.

The traps and games between heaven and hell, force these characters to live strange and dangerous situations, culminating in a deadly trap of hell, always using the hands of men.

What is beyond all this? You will have to discover it by reading it. They will tell you in first person everything that it feel with their senses, everything that opens your feelings. A love that is above all human consideration, divine or diabolical.

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