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By Chance

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In Castillionnes, France, in 2014, a 17th-century purse containing 45 Spanish gold coins is discovered in a wall in a derelict house.

Near Seville in 1634, Alejandro and Maria-Theresa Vasquez are preparing to travel to Paris. During their perilous journey, bandits, plague and illness take their toll.

In the autumn of that year, Robert Dubois, a French farmer, and his son leave their farm near Auch and journey towards Bordeaux, where they will board a ship bound for Quebec. On their journey, they visit a relative in Castillionnes and here, Robert meets Marguerite. France is suffering the effects of the religious wars and during a bombardment by the Huguenot army from Bergerac, they flee and journey on to Bordeaux. On the ship crossing to Quebec, they meet the Le Creux family.

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