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Death a la Carte: Black Horse Inn Mystery Series, #1

59 pages50 minutes


Spend some time in the town of Hampton, Vermont …  if you can find it!

This attractive backwater village never shows up on GPS, has a resident ghost, is inhabited by odd, quirky residents and lures the chosen few to its postcard pretty streets.

Former Boston police officer Mo and her husband Alex are enticed to the town and set their sights on the historic Black Horse Inn. They renovate the majestic old landmark and open it as a country inn and restaurant. Life is looking up until the town's most disliked and wealthiest woman dies in their dining room.

Family, friends and other suspects come to light as Mo and gorgeous Sheriff Luther King do some digging. They learn the truth about Clarissa's past life while unearthing long simmering reprisals from decades gone by. Mo also deals with Mad Polly, the neighborhood midnight rambler who dresses like a witch and knows and sees all.

Can Mo and Luther, with a little help from Alice the ghost, discover the killer and keep the Black Horse Inn and the town of Hampton on the up and up, or will the killer bring the town's new-found resurgence in popularity to an end?

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