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The Virgin Housekeeper and the Nudist Family

71 pages44 minutes


Nathalie is a sexy 18-year-old virgin that lives in a remote place with her mother. She dreams to become an artist... Her mother works at the gas station and cannot afford to send her daughter to the college. One day Nathalie is surfing the web and stumbles upon an unusual work proposal. A housekeeper is needed for three weeks in a mansion located on one of the most amazing Hawaiian islands. They are willing to pay for transportation from any state and work experience is not required... Soon enough she gets the job and arrives at Lanai, to find out she is going to spend the next three weeks of her life with the nudist family. They don't wear anything at home and they organize nudist parties with their numerous rich friends... Nathalie is shocked but the next moment she meets their son and falls in love with him... How to win the billionaire's heart, if you are just a seasonal housekeeper in his parents' mansion? Nathalie will have to solve this puzzle, trying not to go mad living with the nudist family of her prince...This is a standalone story. The books in the Virgins Club Standalone Romance series can be read in any order.The book is intended for mature audiences. If you like erotic books with virgin heroines, this may be your perfect read.
This standalone novella is safe, with a HEA guaranteed.

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