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Evil in a Small Town

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Most people based their opinions of this case on the information that they learned from watching the "pro- WM3" documentaries. The sad part is that these documentaries went above and beyond to paint these killers as innocent school boys wrongly accused of murdering three innocent eight year old boys.

The documentaries conveniently left out a lot of key evidence and statements that point fingers in the direction of these three monsters. And the supporters of the WM3 make it a mantra to spread lies like, "Misskelley was interrogated for 12 hours" when in fact that is a lie. And they fail to acknowledge that their main suspect had no alibi for his whereabouts on the night of the murders. They also have a tendency to "create evidence" to point to someone else. Beyond their legion of admissions of involvement in the murders—before, during, and after their convictions—Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelley pled guilty to the murders.

They chose to flee the courtroom with their guilty pleas rather than stand and fight for the innocence they had maintained. Of course, after the guilty plea hearing and while the cameras were rolling, the WM3 and their supporters vowed to keep the "search" going for the real killers.

When in fact the "real killers" were found eighteen years earlier.

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