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Building Trust: Heart's Haven, #3

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Can a widowed mother and a playboy find happiness together?After the devastating loss of her husband, Lisa Brown is determined to make the best life she can for her four-year-old daughter, Amy. Lisa is looking for a positive man to share a long-term commitment and become part of their family. Construction worker, Cameron Zeus' parents taught him what a broken marriage and hateful attitudes can do to a kid. He's adopted a love-'em-and-leave-'em attitude and lives fast and free. He's determined to enjoy the bachelor's life forever. But just when he has his life under control, fate thrusts Lisa and Amy into his path. Despite Lisa's strong attraction to Cameron, he just doesn't fit the bill for a promising future, but there is no denying her attraction to him. Still, when crisis strikes, it's Cam Lisa looks to for help. Will he step up to the plate, or will he cut and run at the first opportunity?

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